21st century citizenship

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

–Gautama Buddha

An ongoing Creative Politics series

Beyond the everyday, we believe that what it means to be a citizen will change dramatically in this century and government will need to evolve rapidly in response.  21st century citizenship will require active participation by all, with special roles for the young and old; 24/7/365 engagement; the blurring of boundaries between governments and the governned; comprehensive civic education integrated into all subjects at all grade levels, including life; increasing expansion of civic responsibility into all areas of life–individual, organizational, political, community, and social; the bold embrace of technology and globalization as positive forces for change.  Forget shareholder value; in this century, it’s citizen value that must be maximized, and we’ll all be talking about how…

PS For more information on 21st century citizenship, regular updates on exemplars, inspirations, projects you can get involved with, and progress towards its goals, please visit the Frank Islam Institute for 21st Century Citizenship (which will be expanding significantly between now and early next year (2019), or just sign up for its newsletter (CP staff are involved with both)


Valley Forge 2004, 2020
As we hurtle towards another election, we can all learn a lot from our forefathers, and from a small eastern European country that had no more experience with democracy than we did in 1776… Read More

Valley Forge, 2018: Cold War
What we need to do between now and Election Day to break out political Siberia like our founders did in 1788, and the Ukrainians did in 2004… Read More

Votes For Children
Never has a society so mortgaged the future of generations to come for its own pleasure. It’s time to give those generations a voice—and raise democracy to new heights in the process–before it’s too late… Read More



Creative Politics synthesizes the best of liberal and conservative ideals with technology and history to generate policies, strategies, applications, and actions for the post-modern era that are well outside the beltway, and well beyond just talk… 

One of the most impressive acts of 21st century citizenship of 2017-18; the climate change kids suing the Trump administration over the impact his policies will have on their future. Click the image to learn more about the initiative, and how you can help…