Pictured: Not even one edge of one wall of one cell of an edge of a wall of a microcosm of the cathedral and bazaar we’re going to build with you here…

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it…”

–Simon Sinek

Creative Politics means dreaming big and doing bigger, when all is said and done.  Call it a two-fer, call it a win-win, we’re aiming to create the biggest and best emporium for change online or anywhere else (we might even be the only one for now) to allow you to support the movement with your resources, what you wear, and what you do.  In partnership with fellow travelers and others, we’ll start with t-shirts, mugs, books and films, then expand to all the best paraphernalia, scaffolding, and tools for your own campaigns, the best platforms, apps, and services for fundraising, strategizing, politicking, and more.  But the reason it’s going to be the best is because we’re going to build it together, algorithms not invited.


RTF Forever
Revolutions, Traditions, Freedom, the Creative Politics bookstore, the first anchor tenant in our emporium, with hundreds of titles to choose from, and more added every week (many by you!). 4.5% of every purchase goes to creative politics, plus you get a great read (or watch).  Browse away!



Apres le deluge, you can see the latest designs and products we’re considering here (apparel) and here (everything else so far), tell us what you think of them or use them for inspiration. Or if you already have something in mind, tell us here–if we decide to go ahead and produce it (and we’re building the best team of artists and technologists dedicated to change to execute your visions), we’ll cut you in as an equal partner on every sale!  We’ve been leaders in the development of online communities for nearly thirty years and will be using every known strategy–and a lot that are new–to get the most out of all of us, as individuals and as a group, until we can collectively say, with Rousseau, that we have decided to become what we have made us.

The closest thing to the Emporium For Change in the so-called real world today–the Mall of Africa, as we see it..