“Credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena…”

–Theodore Roosevelt

Inspiration and innovation will be flying thick and fast in CP, but the last thing we want to be is all beret, no change.  So we’ll be continually asking you what ideas you’ve heard in the blog community that you think are most worth making reality, starting now.  Every quarter, we’ll be pulling together the top nominations, asking you to pick one for us to pursue as a community, and this space will be where we work together to get the ideal and real to switch places.

At the same time, we know there are already a lot of other great, creative ideas riding the high seas, with great organizations behind them, and we’re determined, with your help, to identify those that are most in sync with our values, to give those causes and groups a portion of any support we’re fortunate enough to receive.  Again, starting right here, right now.

Think this is just so much durum flung into the stratosphere? Think again.  CP founders were responsible for assembling a who’s who of media, technology, education, political, business, and other organizations to create AOL’s top content channels when most Americans didn’t even know what a modem was yet.  We’ve rinsed and repeated this kind of new media coalition-building (far more effective and lasting than anything “viral”) many times over the years since, most recently behind the cause of connected education, where we pulled together more than 1,000 major education organizations and companies for a month-long online event that mushroomed into a year-round movement, promoted and discussed at more than 6,000,000 online locations, reaching 15-17 million educator and education supporters around the world daily via Twitter alone.

Along the way, we literally wrote the book on online community building, followed by seminal, defining research on online influencers (we coined the term), who they are, why they’re important, what they want, and how to get–and keep–them behind your cause.


Bill Of The Day
The current occupant of the White House is gearing up to run against the “do-nothing” Congress of 2020.  But the House has actually passed more than 400 bills that have never been taken up by the Republican Senate. Every day from now until Election Day, we’ll be posting a brief summary of one of these bills on social media with a link to the full list of our summaries so far, suitable for distribution to friends and colleagues who might otherwise be misled about what’s really going on.


“Each time a man stands up to injustice…” The last great campaigner to bridge the great divide the way we hope to, leaving Donald Trump far, far in the rear view, ideally in the supermax where he belongs for his lifetime body of work…