Conspiracy 4 Conspiracy

“When the president does it, it’s not illegal…”

–Richard M Nixon

[This piece was originally published on March 10, 2020, intended as a set of examples for participants in our create a (conspiracy) theory contest.  Soon afterwards we started to see items in the news that actually seemed spookily aligned with what we orginally intended only as satirical inspiration, and started adding to it (additions are in blue through July, blue-green/teal from August on–check back in a few days; we’re about to make a LOT of additions). At this point, after three+ years of government by conspiracy theory, and three+ months of watching Trump play the catastrophe he created like the devil’s fiddle, we’ve decided to stop playing and start sharing.  “Obamagate” and “Scarboroughgate” fused and confused to become the last straw that stirred the drink.

At a minimum, we think you’ll find, as we have, that you can top any trumpkin’s theorizing on any subject with selections from this document. Consider it a powerful disinfectant, in no small part because deep down they know (and in some cases, hope) he’s fully capable of having wargamed out the situation in the obscenely immoral ways we’re about to describe, and let’s face it, they’re also probably pretty nonplussed (adj. “bewildered, confused”) to run into liberals and moderates even crazier than they are (and a lot more creative). 

Whatever the case, when we pull it out like a rhetorical big stick, they tend to scatter in the light.  So please feel free to share widely, deploy anonymously (we don’t need 4chan beating a path to our servers), and don’t forget to read the fine print on the warning label, which, if it existed, would say: Keep away from brain.  If ingested or swallowed, call friends and go to the polls–WE are the real moral majority, and like the good people of Wisconsin, where progressivism and the first progressive party–the Republican–started, we’re not going to reward a so-called president for causing the deaths of tens of thousands of our fellow Americans.  The blame is no game when that happens. 

So here’s how we began:]

To provide a little scaffolding, fodder, and inspiration for your quest to create the next great political tall tale, we thought we’d take a deep dive on one of the most obvious sources of conspiracies today: Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

Even if you believe, as the 12 year old daughter of a good friend was recently heard to opine, that he’s “so full of s***, we ran out of toilet paper,” his decision and indecision-making has been so breathtakingly bad it seems as if it were designed to make the impact of the virus as devastating as possible (there’s an excellent, albeit still very incomplete recap by a former Republican here worth keeping on your phone, along with our piece, to pull out like silver crosses every time you run into one of his supporters, and here are two more, each at least as devastating, if you want to turn your crosses into throwing stars). Especially now that we know he knew this was coming as early as November, then rejected action at a nearly fathomless number of points between Thanksgiving and March 16–he even dragged his feet for weeks on the China ban he now brags about).

And the hits (as many of his business associates would describe them) have just kept coming, e.g.

If you’re reading this, 44.46, (and you should–your name is mentioned frequently, and there are lots of pictures) did you announce the country was going to re-open on Easter the same day Congress reached apparent agreement on the stimulus just so you could take credit for the 0.89% rise? Enquiring minds want to know.  And that’s just a small sampling–we’re saving some, no, a LOT more choice examples for the theorizing below.

Meanwhile virtually none of aggressive steps to actually stem the tide have been initiated by his administration; they’ve all come from governors and mayors, college and universities, K-12 school systems, associations, sports leagues and the entertainment industry–if there are heroes at the end of this tunnel, those are them, along with the doctors and nurses literally laying their lives on the line, improperly equipped and with full knowlege of how much more likely health workers of all ages have been to succumb to the disease, e.g. when their immune systems kick into overdrive in response to the constant bombardment.

All of which leaves the average American, cooped up in their home with too much time on their hands, to wonder: He can’t be this stupid and incompetent–what’s the real reason he’s doing what looks like everything possible to insure a perp walk out of the White House next January?

It turns out that if you’re a conspiracist, there are a surprising number of theories with at least a modicum of plausibility, particularly if you assume the levels of psychosis that 60,000+ mental health professionals risked their professional reputations to aver, coupled with ample evidence, from even the earliest days of his term–i.e. before the dementing toll the office could take on a person of his BMI–that his intelligence is just not all that.

In any case, here are just a few hypothes-I from the Whizzo sampler to put you in the right frame of mind to enter and win our contest (playing Hurricane on repeat might help too).  There’s no need to provide remotely the same level of length or detail in your contributions to this samizdat genre as what you’re about to read (nor will we allow you to include links–you need to at least a little bit untethered from reality to play); it’s just that there’s a part of us considering releasing some or all of these into the wild, in honor of Comet Ping Pong, the grieving parents of Sandy Hook, the people of Kenya, and more–all victims of alleged machinations with a lot less basis in reality than ours (are there “crisis actors” in those body bags, Alex?).  We don’t go high. Not any more.

And besides, when the number of cases in the U.S. passes China, a country four times our size that had no fair warning and a medical system in the hinterlands, how long will it be before we hear the Chinese somehow ‘weaponized’ the original virus before sending it our way, leaving noble Trump to battle a microbe far faster and deadlier than it started? (Answer: less than a day; life has been imitating art–our art–at an unprecedented [there’s that word again] rate since we first wrote this page six+ weeks ago.  Jigsaw puzzles have become painfully popular in the last couple of months, and this piece, which we’ll continue to update, is starting to feel like one)

The “Real” Reasons

If Trump were a criminal defendent before a jury of his all-white peers, he’d have three things against him, any of which would normally convict him in the eyes of any loyal Nancy Grace viewer:

If you’re honest, conservatives, you know that in your mind, you’ve convicted every “predator” who ever “got off on a technicality” for one or both of these legal sins. Refusing to let people testify isn’t usually a good look in rightland either, and putting Jared in charge is tantamount to “burying the investigation.” Faced with these realities, normally the only way to “get [Trump] off” would be to plead insanity, better known in political circles as the 25th amendment, but we know you pumpkinheads don’t want to do that.  Which leaves us with only twenty or so other explanations for why he so badly botched the response:

(1) To postpone or cancel the elections. This is a popular one, especially since it’s well-known that, as usually is the case, his braggadocio covers a deep level of insecurity, not unlike his hero, Richard M. Nixon, who had far less reason to worry about his re-election than Trump when he ordered the Watergate break-into DNC headquarters.  Avoiding the aforementioned perp walk (which can’t happen as long as he’s president) would provide an extra layer of motivational icing Nixon never had.  He could technically even get himself “legitimately” re-elected this way for another four years, if Republican state legislatures go along, likely the world’s smallest ‘if.’ And…whoot, there it is!  Step 1 from the classic Trumpian normalization handbook, the trial balloon that isn’t.  Which may/may not be followed by a pull-back tomorrow (kind of hard to say he was “just joking” this time, though) followed by repetition into reality–Adolf would be proud.

(2) To provide the cover needed to steal them.  We know he’s openly soliciting foreign interference, because he’s told us so, and other than possibly Iran, there isn’t an authoritarian government who wouldn’t benefit from his re-election in one way or another.  That, not coincidentally, includes all the rest of the world’s leaders in cyberwarfare.  The longer the virus wreaks chaos in general, the more every part of the election process will be vulnerable, especially the front lines, where the usual army of senior citizens that faithfully person the polls may well be unwilling or unable to do so.

It also provides cover for all manner of theft via voter suppression, starting with cutbacks in polling places and early voting (to keep people “safe”), opportunities the GOP is capitalizing on as rapidly as possible.  And what is all the resistance to voting by mail really about? To the point where he’s threatening to (illegally) defund states that provide it, steering the issue as rapidly as he can towards “his” Court, which can literally only overrule the states by simultaneously tearing up the Constitution, the bedrock Republican belief in federalism, and every English language dictionary and refusing to allow any aid to flow to the post office, which could cause mail service itself to crash and burn by June under the weight of the economic depression he’s caused?

Really, the logic is so simple that even a lizard-brained simpleton like Trump could have thought of it in advance:  He knows all of his supporters are going to show up at the polls in November, whether it’s because they’re as anti-science as he is, and believe the virus is just another “hoax” they can ignore (as he’s been telling them for months, whenever he thinks he can get away with it), or because many of them are evangelicals, which puts their fear of death at about the same nearly undetecable level as Al Queda militants, or because so many of these zombies would glady die on 5th Avenue or anywhere else for him.  If he can juuust create conditions requiring the rest of us to take our lives in our hands when we exercise the franchise, he looks to be golden, or bronzen, or whatever color he is on the day (heck a few of his supporters have even been bold enough to admit this is the strategy). Plus, for the classic Trump must-have win-win (where both wins are his)–as Trumpian as an extra scoop of ice cream, if we somehow manage to get through the gauntlet he’s created and outvote him anyway, the process will have been such a hot mess that he can use this to challenge any result against him as fraudulent, which he’s already started seeding the ground for, months earlier than he did in 2016.  Having also generated a massive pile up of “unthinkables” over the past four years that have only accelerated at light speed during this crisis, he’s also normalizing in advance a flat-out refusal to accept even an overwhelming defeat–it becomes just one more insult to what we thought were American norms and values. 

(3) To declare martial law or otherwise assume dictatorial powers, which he is allowed, under the Constitution, to do. Early in 2019, The Atlantic came out with a list of what it considered the 50 “unthinkable” moments of the Trump presidency, many with multiple warheads.  Like straight-shooting surgeons, they admitted they likely hadn’t gotten them all, inviting their readers to submit more, and it’s been more than a year since, with the last adult supervision in the Oval long since departed.  Most of the fifty had to do with his authoritarianism in one way or another, so it’s no surprise another popular theory is that he saw COVID as his potential Reichstag fire, only bigger and better of course, a Reichstag wildfire across the country.

At a time when experts on authoritarianism are urging mass protests against him before it’s too late, what could be better for a strongman wannabe than this kind of disaster in particular, a virus that not only seems to demand a martial clearing of the streets and the banning of all potential opposition in groups greater than the size of ten (and falling), but is practically guaranteed to be self-enforcing by the people themselves? And how perfect for him that the leading Democratic governors, in a noble effort to protect their citizens from the crisis he created, have essentially legitimated this and are normalizing it through “lockdowns” and “shelter in place” orders, arguably martial in all but name, that his government can now extend indefinitely or reinstate at first cough any time.

Sure, he’s been acheerleaderfor re-opening, but that’s transparently just a way to shift blame for the economic pain and bad economy to the states that he knows won’t open back up–have cake, meet eat–a theory confirmed this week (4/17) when he urged his followers to rise up and “liberate” locked-down Democratic states. And it hasn’t stopped the Corona King from assuming the airs and exercising the prerogatives of a monarch in advance, or asserting powers that, as one scholar observed, would beliterally be the definition of a totalitarian state.”  To be fair, he’s only echoing authoritarian rulers around the globe, who not-so-secretly love this pandemic.  Are the bands of heavily armed red-hatted (and alt-right funded) protesters a trial zeppelin for what’s to come, or just intended as an intimidation/warning to the rest of us?  If so, consider us warned, and ready, and not one bit intimidated–as was true in 1861, and so remains today: there are more of us, and we learn fast. Has he been using the Floyd demonstrations as cover to fortify DC against us in preparation for a November not-a-surprise-at-all when he steals or loses the election and we descend on 1600 as if it were Euromaidan? Or maybe this has become the dress rehearsal after he was called out there? Is he trying to normalize the death of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens from COVID to prepare us to accept the carnage that will follow?

(3.5) Deep breath–remember, this isn’t real, we’re just playin’ here

(4) Because “we have all the guns and we grow all the food.” Is there such a thing as nazdar, and does the alt-right, originators of that guns and butter online chant, know it when they see it in Donald Trump?  And do liberals even eat American food? We’ve been reassured that there will be no shortages of food staples while we wait this disease out (even as many grocery stores are emptying in what feels like a slow-motion slide into Soviet dystopia) and there’s actually a lot of common ground between the farmers who grow it and Democrats, dating back to the heyday of the MFLP.  But fear and anger are viruses, too, Trump’s best quality is his ability to stoke them, and food shortages and natural disasters go hand in hand with rioting and looting (see Minneapolis below–how many of the looters have been among the tens of millions of Americans who now wait in miles-long foodlines thanks to the effects of the Trump virus)–and demands for law and order, music to Republican ears–soon to follow.

Would it be beyond possibility for the Trump campaign, after all the success it enjoyed planting fake news in highly targeted below-the-radar Facebook ads in 2016, to begin churning out stories suggesting that farmers are getting sick from supplying food to urban areas (good luck finding these scurruli in the new Facebook “Ad Library“)? As for guns, 50% of the guns in America are owned by 3% of the population, and sales are up by more than 80% year over year since this started–are Liberal Gun Club members the ones buying them? Then there’s the recent atrocity in Minneapolis. That Trump-supporting cop’s behavior (kneeling on the neck of an unarmed handcuffed man who is guilty, at worst, of a minor crime, for nine minutes despites pleas to stop that are coming from all around him? doing this while knowing he’s being filmed?) and Trump’s deliberate application of gasoline to the situation becomes a lot more explicable if it was designed by the Deep Hate as a provocation to distract us from COVID, fire up his supporters, rally the police and military to his side (he knows he’s going to need them when the ballots are counted), conduct a dry run military occupation of the capital in preparation for November (let the normalization begin), smoke out and expose tens of thousands of his opponents to the virus (thereby suppressing the November vote and deterring, by dint of cautionary example, similar or greater protests if/when he claims to have won–and having the cops drive their vehicles into peaceful crowds, knock down retirees, slash tires, break the car windows of innocent bystanders, tase them, and haul them out of their cars by their hair, put knees on their necks (really!), pull down their masks while their hands are up and spray pepper on their faces, beat up reporters and cameramen, fire “rubber bullets” into their heads, and myriad other brutalities certainly helps reinforce that message: exercise your 1st amendment right to assemble at your peril). What does it tell you that a week after the “incident,” when you can hear the dots getting connected all over the country, a story bobs to the surface that the two men had “a history?”  Derek Chauvin, meet Jack Ruby.  Jack, Derek.

Oh, and btw, here’s the real tell: choosing the otherwise unlikely location of Minneapolis in “nice” country so as to really freak people out and blow up the Democratic VP candidate his campaign feared the most, right in the backyard of right-wing boogeywoman Ilhan Omar, whom he’d dearly love to make the face of the riots to scare (plus tick off) swing vote America even more. Is that not much more plausible than every right-wing theory you’ve heard in the last four years combined? Knowing what you know about Trump and his minions, is it not actually more plausible that this was the game plan than that it wasn’t? And we’re not even trying…

(5) To win the popular vote this time The fact that he didn’t win the “popular” vote in 2016 still sticks in the folds of the craw of this ratings-obsessed “leader,” and many experts have been predicting a repeat scenario in 2020, only more so.  It would hardly be unreasonable for Trump to believe that a contagious virus from overseas would disproportionately affect America’s coasts and its more densely populated cities–in fact, the leader of his response team recently brightly pointed out that half the cases so far have occurred in “only ten counties.” Both coasts and virtually all major urban areas are heavily Democratic…Q…E…D…  He may well also have figured that any such Democrats not already dead or too sick to vote by Election Day might also by then be quite wary of standing for hours in the long lines that curiously only seem to well up in Democratic precincts, turning cough suppression into voter self-suppression instead, and he could even have surmised that the disease would disproportionately affect the demographic most opposed to him–African-Americans–because, sadly, so many of our afflictions do. 

Of course, none of this is necessarily what’s going to happen by any means, especially if his supporters continue to trumpfiantly flaunt their disregard for the danger, even if he tries to protect them by forcing every man, woman, child, and pet escaping every Democratic city to self-quarantine–or more, but remember, we’re diving deep into the dark hall of mirrors that was (and is) The Donald’s brain, turning back the clock to the halycon days when the real scope of potential catastrophe was clear to everyone except allegedly him, in coming up with these “theories.”

(6) To bail out and/or get a built-in alibi for his already faltering, top-heavy, fundamentally unsound economy.  The warning signs were already there: slowing business investment, declines in manufacturing, soaring levels of corporate debt, dwindling benefits from the 2017 tax cut that never came close to delivering on anything except the promises of its opponents, the bond inversion, shakiness in China even before the coronaquake hit there, growing deficits in both the budget and between rich and poor. Many Americans were telling themselves (and their Facebook pages) they were doing well, but given the rapidity with which the economy collapsed, at first sneeze, like a house of business cards, the lockdowns made necessary by our greater willingness to risk death than a single day of pay…

Whether Trump is the business genius his supporters say he is, the Cohn school paranoid fatalist his opponents believe, or both, surely he could see this–he’d been screaming at the Fed in ALL CAPS for months about interest rates. So why not create a disaster so big it would force both ‘Fed and foe’ to prime the pump and bring the economy roaring back to life just in time for the stretch run of the election (sure sounds now like that was the game plan all along), or, failing that, in a classic Trumpian win/win, give him an economic alibi that he’d personally consider the “whinings” of a LOSER if anyone else yelped it out in self pity?

Smart money saw the economy as his secret Achilles heel–as long as the economy was good, people would feel free to base their vote on other issues, literally none of which favored him, and he knew it; if it was bad, he’d be blamed. But with the coronavirus, not his economic policies, seen as tanking the economy, he gets to force the electorate to go back to voting their pocketbooks without looking like an economic ignoramus–his economy was great, until nefarious Jina, The Who, and Bill Gates ruined it. Bankrupting the blue states to drain power into the red? Priceless.

What Trump supporters have been telling us for 3+ years…they call us ‘haters,’ and I suppose, properly defined, we are…

(7) To become truly the continuous center of attention. Ubiquity is a hallmark of authoritarianism–in an authoritarian regime there are portraits, pictures, and statues of Dear Leader everywhere.  Here in the U.S. we have something better for the enterprising totalitarian–high production value television–and an office-holder to go with it whose narcissism and neediness are boundless. Not content with dominating the news, he’s already tried his hand at intruding into sports and even the weather segments of our local broadcasts, but it was clear by the end of last year that the public was tiring of his shtick–more than half didn’t even want to wait for the election to give him the hook–and in an election year, by definition, attention was going to be more divided.  Now, instead, his daily briefings, before a truly captive audience, have become a 2020 version of the thousands of hours of total unearned advertising that the “fake news” media like CNN gave him in 2016, a showstopping reality he’s now taken to bragging aboutHow long will it be before the fourth-and-one estate goes into sportscast mode and starts gushing about the boldness of killing tens of thousands of your own citizens as a path to electoral triumph? A: 4/17

(8) To torpedo the Democratic primaries–and beyond. Tis the season for the opposition, under ordinary circumstances, as the nation is riveted on the party out of power’s horse race to determine who will take on the incumbent, and its candidates collectively, increasingly train their fire on the man in the Oval to define him and set the terms of the fall contest.  Instead Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have all but disappeared from our screens (which he is gloating over), even on MSNBC, to be replaced with impressive medical personnel who seem to literally be holding our lives in their hands as we rise in the waiting room and the operating room doors swing open, while he looks on, like a proud yet imperious parent, ready to interject and provide sage guidance if his pupils go astray, or to get into it, WWE-style–for their protection, of course–with rude impertinent journalists who don’t represent real America and don’t know their place. Now he’s taking that show on the road, taking advantage of protections no one else has, illegally spending taxpayer dollars on ‘inspection tours’ that are nothing but political rallies, leaving his opponent in the must.

The devastating spread of the virus has not only shut down the entertainment industry, but all but guaranteed there will be no more new movies or documentaries between now and Election Day to challenge his rewrites of history or move public opinion against him into the voting booth. Arguably no set of institutions now faces a more existential threat as a result of this disease than America’s colleges and universities, also implacable Trump opponents, and the branch of government that would predictably have the most difficulty, by virtue of its size, governing by Zoom or in-person social distancing is, all too conveniently, the Democratic House.  No age group is more opposed to him than Generation Z, and research has shown that student voting rates are much higher if they register in the same location as where they’re going to vote–so where should voter registration organizers be directing them? Where they go to school, or where they’re cooped up now, taking online classes? Democrats, who, as Trump himself has noted, would win every election if everyone voted, depend heavily on voter registration drives to sign up new voters–could there have been any simpler calculation for him than that a pandemic would wipe out these efforts, and any greater motivation to do so given what he believes? Meanwhile, his latest hyperpartisan trick, now that the sham Senate trial showed him he could get away with it: extorting Democratic governors, who clearly care more about the Americans they’re responsible for than he does, for favorable quotes he can drop into his campaign ads

(8.5) Breathe…and exhale, slowly…slower…that’s better.

Yes, there are signs–and polls–that all this might ultimately backfire, that Biden is best in the basement, but that won’t mean this theory–which is about intent–was wrong or provide absolution, any more than the many efforts over the last three years to explain away his behavior as a product of ignorance, inexperience, temperment, etc. It will only mean that Trump’s just as incompetent at conspiracies as he is at legitimate government. 

And anyway:

  • Neither the indisputable fact that the allegedly pro-Clinton FBI (aka the Piranha Brothers?) inexplicably downplayed and hid the Trump-Russia investigation while torpedoing Clinton’s campaign just days before the election
  • Nor the undisputed reality that Clinton never used anything from the Steele dossier
    • It’s not even clear she knew it existed
    • Nor was it dispositive in launching the original investigation [unless you believe in time travel–it didn’t exist yet]
    • Nor in getting a FISA warrant at the end of October to “spy on” the Trump campaign via someone who left the campaign months earlier [more time travel, as opposed to what used to be called “common sense”])
  • Nor the completion of multiple independent investigations by Trump appointees finding no evidence of partisan malfeasance
  • None of these factual, rational realities has stopped right-wingers from continue to howl and splutter in outrage for the heads of all involved in “Obamagate.”  So they not only suck at conspiracies, they blow at conspiracy theories too.

(9) To create the mother of all distractions and accelerate behind-the-scenes skullduggery.  As the media is fond of reminding us with frustration, Trump is a master of distraction. Self-absorbed as they are, though, fourth estaters tend only to notice what he knocks off Page 1 with his antics, not the slowly moving, but always moving, iceberg that starts on page 10-11 and continues right off the printed page, often surfacing only months or years later, if at all, when some dazed reporter is asked to come up with a “where are we?” list about any subject of interest.  Take this beauty, for example, or this one or this or this, or this, or this vs. this, or this one, maybe the biggest of them all (unless that’s this one).  Seven of these nine involve deep-sixing the fruits of the Mueller investigation and beyond (and if you think the Flynn decision by a hand-picked US Attorney was just coincidentally objective, you’ll have to explain this). Other themes have emerged as well: the ongoing hollowing out of our national security and intelligence agencies, the elimination of all forms of oversight, including electoral (side-by-side with related evernal venal corruption), the determination to destroy as much of our environment as possible before Judgment Day (November 3), an effort which has gone into overdrive like a frantic paper-shredding operation across the planet. Every day is Friday night on a holiday weekend now, and if the microbe ever loses its shiny, there’s always the obvious distraction two-fer–blame it all on impeachment.

(10) To support his xenophobic narrative and tactics. Nazi-In-Residence and Goebbels clone Stephen Miller must have been rubbing his hands in glee when he first heard that a deadly virus and pre-fab metaphor was heading from overseas to our shores. It took only days before the first tweet inanely connecting COVID to the need for a border wall that’s already being blown over by the wind and taken apart by smugglers with $100 power tools; now all borders are closed indefinitely, all migrants awaiting their fates on our side of the border are being shipped back to their countries (so they don’t infect each other, or more importantly, break the Border Patrol’s multi-year streak of getting arrested for criminal activity every 24-36 hours), all Asians are being properly demonized (Chinese? Japanese? Indian? What’s the difference? Looking for toilet paper? Go to an Asian-run store–nobody’s bought theirs).

The only vital element yet required to truly crystalize the fascist wing’s “I told you so” story and move it forward towards November are a few hate-filled Trump rallies where he and his true believers can egg each other on until he just can’t help saying “what everyone is thinking,” though in perhaps the first stirrings of karma, those are indefinitely postponed as well. Meanwhile, those first bundles of protein and nucleic acids that slipped across the border via airspace while he was out golfing will never be available for interview to cast aspersions on who’s really to blame.  In any case, like the virus itself, the horse is fully out of the barn: in a recent private call from Miller to alt-right supporters, he revealed that the allegedly “temporary” anti-immigration measures above are fully intended to be just the end of the beginning–and subsequent events have borne this out, bigly.  And that’s not including manuvering that hasn’t played out to fruition yet, like the revelation that ICE has been given access to all the personal data DACA recipients provided in their applications to the program, clearly for the purpose of using the cover of pandemic to deport them all en masse as soon as he got a favorable ruling from “his Court.” The fact that he didn’t was likely an even bigger shock to him than it was to DACA supporters, but he’s made clear he feels the Supremes have given him a road map to the 5th vote he needs and is pushing for expedited view before the fog of fomites dissipates.

…except the one on the right (Miller) needs to lay off the Chinese takeout…

(11) To become a war-time president.  Let the record show that we wrote this before he pretended to be surprised when a press conference plant asked if he was one (and then began repeating it, as surrogates fanned out to do the same).  You don’t question a war-time president; you fall in line, bipartisanship suddenly reigns, things finally start getting done, and he takes all the credit for his leadership, even if he completely f**** up (see, e.g. JFK’s approval ratings before and after the Bay Of Pigs, which Trump’s are grudgingly beginning to mimic). It would be as good a reason as any to re-open the country weeks before the experts say we’ll be ready. When you manufacture the conflict in question, it’s called wagging the dog, and there was widespread belief the tensions Trump was ratcheting up with Iran were a prelude to deploying it.  Did his pollsters find out we’re too jaded for that old trick, and that just like in real warfare, he needed to start a different kind of war?

(12) We’re not saying we believe any of this, mind, but LOTS of people are saying it…

(13) To enable the Russians and Chinese he’s in hock to to take over world leadership. Throughout his presidency, it’s seemed like Trump’s real mission was to “Make China [and Russia] Great Again,” withdrawing from international agreements, antagonizing our allies at every opportunity, ceding the entire developing world to China, deferring obsequiously to Vladimir Putin, making decision after decision that curiously benefits Russia’s interests (with an occasional kabuki move like the ‘surprise’ Syrian air strike he warned Putin/Syria of, or the ‘lethal’ weapons sold to Ukraine they can’t use anywhere near the Russians), even acquiesing to bounties placed on the lives of our troops.  We know he turned to a wide variety of shady financing sources when US banks stopped lending him money, disproportionately Russian–as both of his sons bragged independently–and hasn’t been shy about taking money from China, either, even in office (in amounts that wouldn’t be chump change even for a real billionaire) , while the mutual economic saber-rattling we’ve seen between him and Xi does nothing but benefit autocracy (its kabuki nature became clear when Trump resisted, for weeks, the China travel ban he now brags about, out of fear of “roiling the financial markets” and damaging relations with the Chinese, during which time hundreds of thousands traveled from China to the US). And we’re only just beginning to realize all the ways this literally bat-s*** virus has put Beijing in the driver’s seat of our driverless car.

The telling bottom line: 81,000 cases in China, mainly confined to one province, is a drop in the proverbial bucket for a country of 1.4 billion (.0005% of a drop, to be precise), Russia has only 438, .00003% of their population.  The Russian numbers have accelerated greatly since we wrote this, but the per capita number of cases and deaths in both Russia and China remain far, far below our own, in nations where life is considerably cheaper. Trump has blocked everyone from his conversations with Putin, and we have no idea what Putin and Xi say to each other. Could Wuhan have been a controlled burn by the Chinese with advance warning to the Putin regime?  Forget the Kung Fu Flu–could Trump be the Kung Pao Candidate?

Of course the real reason for this ‘disparity’ is likely that Russia and China–and North Korea–are authoritarian states that can be counted on to lie about, and dramatically undercount the number of cases in their countries, something that will be pushed onto the kabuki track of these relationships if our numbers get so far out of whack with theirs it starts to make their man in DC look bad (and sure enough, it has, right on schedule, just days after we blew past their confirmed stats).

Unfortunately this raises the question of why the Trump regime has lied so often and so bigly about the situation itself, and didn’t make testing widely available until–well, it still isn’t ‘widely available,’ is it? Unless you’re “having trouble breathing.” This months after 80+ nations, most of them in the developing world, were test-ready. Q…E…D… The next lines of defense: questioning the accuracy of the death counts and blocking growing independent efforts to truly make testing (and therefore the truth) more widely available.

PS we can be sure ‘our’ ‘intelligence sources’ [colleagues of John Barron?] aren’t going to get any more specific about the “real numbers” in China until we know what 10x our final numbers will be, or the election is upon us, whichever comes first.  But that won’t delay clever flanking maneuvers like re-defining Europe as a single country, with every country an EU member, so that their collective numbers can be compared to ours and found wanting (we’ll be looking for these paid placements in the campaign’s next FEC report, and also for what the next spin is going to be now that Europe’s cases have dropped like a stone while ours have made an unhealthy u-turn upwards)

(14) To send a message about the lengths to which he’d go to punish a political enemy.  See Romney, MittAnd all the rest of us, if we don’t ‘get with the program.’  There’s a lot of intimidation power in being able to pour jet fuel onto a lethal pandemic at will, especially if you display confidence that you can sell 100,000-200,000 dead Americans as a victory for your administration.

(15) To finally get the sympathy he’s longed for since he was a small child, which he still is. In other words, somewhere deep down, he’s yearning to test positive; like a self-hating [insert anything but white, cis, or evangelical here] conservative, his germophobia is just a facade compared to the unconditional love and support he’s always wanted–from everybody, not just his disposable supporters–a love that, at this point, based on the trail of life behind him, he can only get by being gravely ill.  SAD.

(16) Because he thought Bill Barr was ‘handling it.’

(17) Because all along he’s been a closet federalist. Or maybe not. What day is it?

(18) Because he thought it would just blow over if he did nothing about it.  He wanted to keep the numbers down. If we ever doubted that was the primary goal, at all costs, his major fraudian slip about that cruise ship confirmed it.  He figured that if he did nothing, including delaying the development of the test kits for as long as possible, corona would just blow through here mixed in with the seasonal flu and nobody would be the wiser.  This is also why no masks or ventilators were ordered (in fact, he gave the back of the invisible hand to concerns about this by letting US companies sell millions of masks and ventilators to other countries–something 58 other nations prohibited)–why bother, when no one was going to know who had it anyway?  Buying supplies just draws attention to the non-problem, chump–don’t you know anything about the long con? As it is, his failure to make testing available is his singular–only–contribution to keeping the numbers down.  Thanks to him, we’ll never know how many were infected, how many are now, or how many have died as a result (and there’s good reason to believe the real numbers are actually a lot higher than we’ve been told).

(19) Because he’s positively shivan and thanatotic, with no compunction about committing suicaust or terracidePut more simply, he just can’t stop pushing the envelope–he’s a scorpion; it’s what he does.

(20) He was just playing ‘saved your life’ again, and it got out of hand.  In many ways, Trump is frozen in time on the elementary school playground.  His favorite rhetorical tactic is “I know you are, but what am I?” and his favorite game is “saved your life.”  Time and again, he’s successfully tacked into the wind by manufacturing crises, ratcheting and chickening them up by saying and doing increasingly stupid or dangerous things that convince more and more of us that we’re headed to Armageddon, then solving them, to the relief of some, gratitude of others. Only this time the game got out of control because of his elementary school level understanding of science.

Even so, if most Americans now believe that they or someone close to them is going to die, and then “only” 1.2 million out of 300M+ do, aren’t they going to look at him like the pilot that landed them alive, even if he was the one that flew them into the storm clouds to begin with? Isn’t that–and the fact that he’s a Republican–why he’s a lot more worried about the damage he might have done to the economy, down to the cost of a few extra ventilators (before being shamed out of this), than he is about how many people are going to scroll off the rolls by November?

(21) To set the ultimate hoax trap for the Dems. Remember Y2K? If so, probably only as a nothingburger in the original sense of the word–thanks to millions of hours of work by IT serfs around the world, the clock struck midnight on 1/1/2000 and nothing happened. Same thing with H1N1 and Ebola, at least as far as post-modern Republicans (who tend to be more concerned about loss of property than loss of life, unless that life is unborn) are concerned. How hard is it to imagine Trump, who loves high risk to begin with (likely one of the reasons he was drawn to casinos) betting on the following sequence of events: (a) the virus gets going, (b) Democrats get increasingly alarmed, voice increasingly dire warnings and predictions, (c) are finally forced to step in themselves with drastic actions to stop the spread–as we’ve indicated, virtually none of the most aggressive tactics at play were initiated by the Trump administration, almost all came down from state and local Democratic officials and Democratic-affiliated groups–which (d) succeed in holding the line, resulting in minimal casualties.  And then, when the dust clears, (e) Trump just says: there they went again, the Dems and the media, making a big deal out of what turned out, by the numbers, to be nothing worse than the common flu, putting people through economic hell, all just to stop me from being re-elected.  Boom-shakalaka, ka-ching.

(Sadly, it looks like the joax on the rest of us now; even more sadly, the strategy described could still work even if a lot more people die, if folks emerge from their caves having not, by definition, personally experienced the benefit of the lockdown, and are, therefore, a lot angrier at the ‘big government’ imposition by liberal Democrats than they are about why it had to be imposed to begin with)

(22) Because at the end of the day, it’s all about Trump, Inc.  It’s widely believed Trump originally ran for president just hoping to boost the profile of his perpetually flagging businesses, which we now know were all failing, according to every publicly available piece of data. No wonder he was using his charity as a personal piggybank, ripping off students, and began violating the Emoulements Clause daily from the day he took office, while taking every opportunity to bill us for his use of his facilities. Market crashes always take money from the masses, who can’t/won’t hold on through the losses, and further concentrate it among the wealthy (or those who can act like they are), with each wild swing extracting more and more value into numbered accounts. Further, they provide great opportunities to get even more flush by scarfing up the assets of the middle/working class suckers who go so far as bust (see the Kushner Companies, 2008-9), and if you have inside info and are willing to be shameless about using it, so much the better.  Better still, use the crash to “temporarily” suspend all environmental and labor protections (coming soon to an empty theater near you) for the sake of the “recovery.”

Recent crashes have also included rich opportunities for corporate bailouts, while crony capitalists quickly crawl all over natural disasters like COVID, making inflated claims for costs and damages along the way.  Trump and his family are quite familiar with all of the above, or hope to be in the case of bailouts, based on the industries they want to target, even if none of their businesses receive money directly (does anyone, other than those who believe he owns 500+ real companies, really think that’s going to stop one of the great money launderers in the world from getting his taste?   It’s a gesture, merely, like not taking a salary while taking emoulements worth many times more–lying about it–and billing the government for a weekend nearly 10x what you’d get paid for a year).

(23) To create complete and total chaos.  To be fair, this is the one thing he’s been honest and up-front about from the start–he wants, he thrives on, he needs chaos, like a squid needs its ink, and the cat his hat. So much of everything else we’ve cited above comes ultimately down to this. Nobody outmaneuvers Trump in chaos, he outmaneuvers everyone, because it’s his natural habitat, and in an election year with historically bad approval ratings, the ultimate level of chaos–a pandemic in which nearly everyone’s life is at stake in one way or another, the one kind of disaster that historically has divided people rather than bringing them together–is demanded.

It’s an environment in which he can simply defy measures intended to prevent him from turning $500B of your money into a personal piggyback for himself, his family, his business cronies and donors (and do so with extreme message-delivering prejudice, by firing the oversight days later), an environment in which he can defy precedent by insisting that his signature be on all stimulus relief checks, which is now happening as you read–during an election year–when the only thing he had to do with the bill was making it necessary because he sat on his fat booty for months doing nothing about the problem. Because what’s Congress going to do about it? Take him to court over it and not disperse the funds until the Supremes review two layers of court findings below them? They’re lucky he didn’t just decide to give away $3T+ unilaterally–the acting sycophants he’s surrounded himself in every agency would have done it. Which leads us to…

(24) Because he’s the Antichrist. E.g. a lot of us may have to die, alone and gasping for air, surrounded by space suits, to keep him from turning this into a positive that helps him get “re-elected,” and depending on who the “us” are who snuff it, he might get re-elected anyway.  That’s pretty diabolical, even for a devil’s bargain.  We challenge you to come up with a single negative adjective in the English language that doesn’t accurately describe him, even negatives that are antonyms of each other, or to name anyone in your lifetime (or beyond) who has ever gotten away with so much without ever suffering any consequences. He has millions of fellow Americans mesmerized to the point where they’ve abandoned all logic, reason, evidence, and every principle they professed to believe in; isn’t that what’s supposed to happen in Revelation? Everything and everyone he touches is destroyed, and this has been true virtually his entire lifeThe claim that 98% of his businesses that have succeeded? A classic bott argument–98% of his “companies” are just shells for laundering money for every criminal syndicate around the world. And how come he never gets the bug himself, no matter how many hands he shakes and positive people he meets with? Hmm? (Trump supporters: if you think China created and released this, it sure looks like they gave him the vaccine–see #13 above) For that matter, how is he even alive, given his diet, his refusal to exercise, his sleep habits, his sexual proclivities, let alone marking time as the stooge-proclaimed healthiest president in history?

To be fair, he does have an Achilles heel so delicate that even bone spurs invisible to the naked eye can prevent him from serving his country.   And of course it could be that the power behind the addling king, Jared Kushner, is the real Anti-Man.  After all, he has no irises, makes his living by stealing from the poor, and is headquartered at a building whose street address is 666, just for starters.  Right-wing endazers were sure they’d found ol’ Scratch in the corporeal form of our first African-American president–maybe they were a lot closer in their prognostications than usual.  One thing’s for sure, that assertion about Obama, which they repeated endlessly as if it went without saying, plus the moral track record of the Occupant–who’s no King Cyrus–means evangelicals, with scattered exceptions like Mark Galli, have forfeited any right to take umbrage about pretty much anything, including this joke of a theory.

(25) All of the above.  Because unlike the explanations for [insert Trump scandal here], all of the above could be true simultaneously, at least in his ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ frame of mind.  Of course, they’re also all consistent with “he’s an idiot”, “a lunatic,” or both, but when the best argument against a conspiracy theory is that the conspiracist-in-chief is too stupid to have come up with the conspiracy, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement except in the bell of his head.

To be clear, the point of this little exercise (and associated contest) isn’t to find or describe the truth, though we’ll admit what we just wrote kinda scares us, more than the virus, actually.  Furthermore, if you saw the Trumpster’s glassy-eyed, seemingly heavily (self-) medicated address to the nation, in which he repeatedly stumbled reading over words off a teleprompter, chuckling when he did so, devolved several times into Tarzan/PowerPoint-speak (think “no puppet no puppet you puppet“), sniffed loudly throughout (a tell from the 2016 debates), and let out a loud whoop when he finished, not realizing the cameras were still on, you’d have to conclude you just witnessed the moment when the entire facade fell away, revealing that he’s not only in way over the top of his weave, but surprisingly aware of just how overmatched he is, and that he really had no idea things were going to get this bad.  Which is not unreasonable, given how many mistakes it took to get here, starting just before he was inaugurated.  If, otoh, you missed this photonegative of performance, which, as can be expected, the “liberal” media elided over, trust us, even over the radio, it was stunningly revelatory.

It’s possible he was just experiencing, for the first time in his life, a moment of remorse for something he knew he’d done deliberately, and suffered a cytokine storm in his brain as a result, or it could have merely been an artifact of reading a speech co-written by Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller.  But he’s one of the few people not behind bars, or otherwise locked up, of whom it cannot be said–not even by his fans–that he would never consciously cause or risk causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, many of them his supporters, just to serve his own political or financial interests or needs (and since we first wrote this, both he and his party have confirmed it, even where his most dedicated fans are concernedAny bets on when the highly targeted FB ads touting the fact that more than half the deaths are happening in nursing homes will be rolled out? Followed by bot and troll-filled comment sections talking about mercy killings?). He’s even created a new opportunity to shoot rolls of paper into crowds again, if/when there’s toilet paper–and crowds.  As was recently observed, no one has ever succeeded in overestimating his level of depravity.

In any case, it’s your turn–what’s your fever dream, magic mushroom or Twinkie-fueled conspiracy theory? Tell us in comments below, or, if you understandably want to remain anonymous (at least until you go vi**l ), click here.  Remember, if we elect to change the course of history by scattering your theory on the electric currents of the Net, we’ll send you a free Creative Politics t-shirt in gratitude.


Now go already. Go.

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