“Ideas won’t keep.  Something must be done about them…”

–Alfred North Whitehead

An ongoing Creative Politics series

Ideas from everywhere–Newton’s laws of motion, relativity, quantum mechanics, chaos, complexity, Moore’s law, the spread, read option, and triangle offenses, sexual and group selection, the red queen hypothesis, fast thinking, slow thinking, free energy, Zen, game theory, the periodic table, diversity, the 80/20 rule, creative destruction, crowdsourcing, big data, osmosis, emergence, genetics, memetics, network effects, Bernoulli’s Principle, complementarity, emotional intelligence, dialectics, the golden spiral, antifragility, semiotics (just for starters)–and how they could apply to and inspire politics and policy…


Meaning Full
For the darkest days of the year and beyond, a modest treatise on the science of hope, faith, and the meaning of our lives, esp. for the young who have become so despairing…


Out And In
Faced with what may be a turning point in human history, we’ve decided it’s time for the ultimate “out and in” list that spans all human history. Come join us!



Ideas love company. Click the image for more of the most beautiful places in the world…