political science

“That is simple, my friend. It is because politics is more difficult than physics…”

                                                                                            –Albert Einstein

An ongoing Creative Politics series

At our base, at the fulcrum of the only nation founded both by persecuted religious groups and followers of the Enlightenment, science is where everything now hangs in the balance, and we will return to it again and again in topics as varied as restoring faith in expertise and diagnosing diseases in the body politic.  This series will also be the home for all community contributions involving original research


Vingt Trois Et Moi
How a giant of 20th century philosophy, taken too soon from us, would view the proliferation of consumer genetic testing, not to mention its impact on our sense of self, identity, and relationship to power…


Poll Position
Two related storylines have dominated the 2020 post-election landscape, the castigation of pollsters and the promulgation of voter fraud conspiracies. And there really was a vast conspiracy to throw the election, one that goes to the heart of what of what we want to be as a nation; it’s just not the one Trump supporters are decrying–and we’ve done the research to prove it…



“Each time a man stands up to injustice…” The last great campaigner to bridge the great divide the way we hope to, leaving Donald Trump far, far in the rear view, ideally in the supermax where he belongs for his lifetime body of work…