Politicians 2.0

“Credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena…”

–Theodore Roosevelt

An ongoing Creative Politics series

So often we vote as much for the person as we do for the policies they support. What are the qualities we wish our politicians had to equip them–and us–for the rowdy ride ahead? Who are the model 21st century politicians in our midst, and why…?


Is it time to go back to the future and demand that the next generation of politicians be more representative of we, the people? A case study… Read More




Creative Politics synthesizes the best of liberal and conservative ideals with technology and history to generate policies, strategies, applications, and actions for the post-modern era that are well outside the beltway, and well beyond just talk… 

“Each time a man stands up to injustice…” The last great campaigner to bridge the great divide the way we hope to, leaving Donald Trump far, far in the rear view, ideally in the supermax where he belongs for his lifetime body of work…