Talk, Talk, Talk

“In any controversy, the moment we feel anger, we have ceased striving for the truth and begun seeking only for ourselves”

–Gautama Buddha

An ongoing Creative Politics series

Lasting creativity and change is going to begin with dialog.  We’ll explore to the point of virtuoistic verbosity what it will take to vault the Knievel-width chasms in our divided country and make convo constructive, both fig and lit, with plenty of Afropop spice notes spliced in: political phrases that belong in time-out, the best responses to classic mindless arguments (that drive us crazy), mantras for our time, emojis we could use, the ultimate clickbait, neologisms (especially positive ones) for our time, and more…

Political correctness has been one of the most divisive topics in politics, but there’s nothing correct about division. Fortunately there may only be a few hackneyed words and phrases that need to change to start us back on the road to unity…Read more











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