The SPiricorps Chronicles

“Words pass through the cracks that sound and light cannot reach…”


God’s gone corporate, and he’s got a deep bench of the greatest thinkers in history to help him sort out where to come down on every issue.  But the Lord believes in doing things until they’re thoroughly finished (that’s what yieldeth the true glory), so Spiricorps LLC will be rapidly expanding to include political fiction series, powerful stand-alone fictional shorts, political poetry slams, collaboratively written screenplays, thoughtful literary and cinematic analyses through the lens of the political condition, and more…

One of our own early poets taught us how to deal with what we too often face now: the unfathomable…Read More



Through the dead in a long-long battle, a modern poet finds purpose in life, and what’s worth dying for…Read More

“Each time a man stands up to injustice…” The last great campaigner to bridge the great divide the way we hope to, leaving Donald Trump far, far in the rear view, ideally in the supermax where he belongs for his lifetime body of work…